An Official Communique Released By The Dir Nation, G21 Committee

An Official Communique Released By The Dir Nation, G21 Committee


Attention:- To IGAD,  Afican Union, Arab League, European Union.

An Official Communique Released By The Dir Nation, G21 Committee

Press release dispatched by the Executive Committee of the Dir Nation, G21 related to territories of Somalia ( previous Italian Colony ), Somaliland, Jabuti Republic, Somali – Ethiopian and Keniyan Regions.  After series and successive heated debate and deep rooted discussions; the executive Committee of the Dir Nation dispatched a press release and a binding engagement of the following five bonds: –

The Dir Nation Executive committee G21 recognizes the Self – determination  and Independence of Somaliland of 1991 and to respect the boundaries of it’s six Regions like Sool,Togdheere, Sanaag, Maroodijeex, Saaxil, and Awdal.

2)The Dir Nation Executive Committee G21, sponsors and promotes that healthy Administration of the Somali – Ethiopian Region and supports the development, advancement, and full – grown State headed by Mr.Abdi Mohamoud Omer. The Committee encourages, congratulates, and urges the Somali – Ethiopians to speed up the good work of stability, peace and development.  Pinpointing and reminding the Administrative Organs to safe – guide justices and the human  rights of it’s citizens and country – men.

3)The Dir Nation Executive Committee G21 promotes and supports the State – hood and it’s statecraft of diplomacy and good governing of the Republic of Jabouti.  Plus the speedy massive development in all fields.  The Dir Nation Executive Committee G21 respectfully and earnestly recommend President Ismail Omer Geele to continue his favourable style of democracy and peace in Jabouti and in the Region as a whole.  Flourishing and thriving on that prosperous path of stability and peace.  

4)The Executive Committee of the Dir Nation G21, supports the sustaining and preserving the Independence of Somalia ( ex Italian Colony ) to maintain a functioning Government that covers  all regions based on equality rights and freedom for all clans regardless of race, or ethnic origin.   

The Dir Nation executive Committee alerts and signals a warning alarm against the risk and danger of selling an inch of our sacred land,  either at land or in the sea.  The Dir Nation Executive Committee  G21, declares openly  that it won’t participate in the present Government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud without the establishment  of a balanced Government based on equal rights and freedom  for all clans under the law, regardless of race, or ethnic group. The G21 Dir Nation Executive Committee promotes the co – existence , tranquility and peace among all Somali clans.

5)The G21 Dir Nation executive Committee supports the development and unity of the Keniyan people regardless to race, ethnic group, or religion.  Urging the Keniyan – Somali community to safeguard peace and stability in Kenya and in the region as a whole.

Allah Willing

Chairman of the Committee of the Dir Nation Executive Committee G21: 

       Sultan Abdikarim Farah Ibrahim ( Dagaal ).